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Green Storage

Green Storage is located at Kiryat Anavim, a mere 15 minutes drive from Jerusalem.

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Self Storage Units starting at 249 NIS per month
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Why should you store with us?

As a company that specializes in self storage services, we always provide our customers with high quality and the most optimal self storage solutions to ensure maximum satisfaction. Among the many good reasons you should consider storing your valuables with us:

Accessibility - Our self storage space is strategically located, with easy, fast and comfortable access.

Security and Privacy – There are no safer self storage units: The units are manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and each customer has his own personal self storage unit with a unique lock.

Content Integrity – All our self storage units are isolated and hermetic, thus ensuring that your valuables can withstand any weather. The temperature is always comfortable and allows for optimal storage conditions, ensuring your contents are intact from humidity, etc.

Constant Maintenance - Ensuring your storage contents are maintained safe from malfunctions, rodents and other pests.

Personalized Self Storage Solutions - Each customer requires a different solution, and our team specializes in thinking outside the box in order to provide the optimal solution to you. We hold different sizes of self storage spaces and shipping containers, suitable for varying types of contents, including furniture, apartment contents and more. Our solutions are suitable for long term or short term storage - anything to ensure that your storage needs are met.

Logistic Solutions – Our customers benefit from a wide variety of services, including lifting, transporting and construction.

Professionalism Licenses and Insurances – As a leading company in its field, we hold insurance and licenses for operating and managing self storage facilities from all relevant authorities.

Quality of Service – In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we place great emphasis on quality of service, integrity, competitive pricing and meeting deadlines. Your opinion is important to us, and we strive to maintain a high quality of service.

Protecting the Environment – Storage is green by nature, and Green Storage takes pride in acting green as well, with better isolation, comfort and with higher quality.

Green Storage welcomes you to experience our services and inspect our self storage solutions.
We are always here for you, with outside the box storage solutions to meet your specific needs. To schedule a consulting meeting please click: Self storage units for Rent in Jerusalem

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