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Apartment storage services, including insurance – Things you should know

Apartment storage services

Apartment storage services are suitable for everyone who needs to store the contents of his apartment for a short or long term. Such services are often required when you, for example, leave one apartment while the new apartment to which you are planning to move is still under construction or being renovated, or when you move abroad for a certain period.

Nowadays there are many self-storage companies that offer apartment storage solutions and even various related services such as professional apartment evacuation services or transport services from the apartment to the company’s self-storage facilities and from there to your new apartment. The service you receive from the apartment storage company is priced based on two key factors: The size of the self-storage unit in which your belongings are stored and the duration of your self-storage period.

storage unit for rentAlthough the price issue is highly significant, we recommend that you check what do the self-storage companies you contact offer in terms of content insurance, and weigh that in the final price you get from the company. When you are reviewing and considering different self-storage companies, it is important to talk with a company representative about how are the contents of your apartment maintained, because you obviously wish to get them back the in the same state you stored them in. In fact, even if you intend that the apartment storage will be short-term, there is always a real chance that damage might be caused to your belongings or even that they will be stolen, god forbid if you get unprofessional self-storage services.

Insurance against theft during apartment storage

First, it is important to make sure you get full insurance against theft for all the objects you store in the company’s self-storage facilities. Second, make sure that the self-storage facilities are guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including a connection to the Hever Security and Guarding call center. A third, and also important, point – make sure that the contents of your apartment will be stored in a self-storage unit with a personal lock, and that they are not stored together with contents of other apartments.

Insurance against damages caused during apartment storage

It is also important that you check how your belongings are protected against fire or water damages, and make sure that your belongings are insured against any such incident that might occur during the self-storage period. Many insurance companies, for example, require that all the boxes you store will be located on top of wooden platforms which protect the furniture and the rest of your boxes against moisture and humidity .Finally, it is important to make sure there is a connection to the firefighting emergency call center.

In conclusion, of course one of the most important elements in choosing an apartment storage company is the price and the proximity of the self-storage facilities to your residence, yet it is important to review the matter of your stored apartment content insurance against theft, water damage, fire and the like.


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