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Apartment storage solutions

About convenient self storage solutions and effective tips to an organized apartment

Over the years, our home that used to be cozy and pleasant can become crowded and smaller. Before we know it we need to look for a place to put our new set of bowls we got from our parents.  Soon enough we can feel distress because we don’t have all the storage room we need to our kids trolley.  On that point, most of us will start looking for creative solutions to that problem like moving away to a bigger place, renovating the interior of our home or just making an order in the cluster.  The purpose of this next article is to give you useful tips and creative suggestions that will help you solve your lack of storage space problem.  If your renovation is just around the corner than you can enjoy from more accessible and easy storage solutions, if you just want to put order back in your place you can find in the article some good ideas you will be able to apply on your home.

Keep calm and organize

One of the most fun things when you move to a new home is feeling of open space.The majority of people find themselves reordering their cluster at home and throwing out and clearing away things they don’t have use in anymore Before moving into the new home.

When you talk about home storage, keeping it in order is a big deal and the key for success. Shelves and drawers make it easy to keep the right order and they organize any given space better.

Don’t be tempted to close all your mass and cluster beyond closed doors. Even beyond closed doors you should keep the space clean and organized. Organization and order will help you to keep any room nice and tidy.  Using shelves and drawers and also jars and boxes will help make order and keep your food fresh.

self storage solutions

Storage solutions:

Under the bed 

When you need to take advantage of every inch in your apartment, storing things under the bed is a perfect solution.  Under the bed storage solution is very appropriate to small busy rooms and spaces like the kids room, that need to contain not only furniture but everything our children have.  In these kind of rooms it’s important to think in a function way and give as many storage space as possible.

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Staircases are usually a waste space in the home that you can use for storage. There are a lot of new and cool storage solutions in the market that will enable you to store thing under your staircase. According to the staircase location you can decide what you store in them.

If you are living in a small apartment a right planning of its space will most likely include use in the space under the staircase.

self storage

 self storage

 Using the walls of the house for additional storage

Hanging shelves are a great way to earn extra storage room, they help to put the cluster to the right order, but before you run to buy them, think carefully on where you will put them and what will you store in them.  You should match between the type of shelve and what you put on it.

 For kitchen storage open shelves with hangers will be of great use. For storage of towels in the bathroom you can also purchase hangers or special shower shelves.


 Open shelves can be very useful also for storage of books or decorations. If you want to store things that are last aestheticsyou should store them in closed shelves. Close shelves are also good for the storage of papers and other things that we can’t just throw away.


Storing your belongings in a personal self storage space

Even though there are a great variety of storage solutions, you can’t always store everything you own inside the house. When you have more things than room to store them, you should take some of the load outside to a self storage company. There are many kinds of self storage companys  in Israel. Dozens of company supply different kind self storage services for people who desperately need more room.  Storing your belongings in a self storage company  is usually very convenient, and they give you easy and effective solutions. These kinds of outside self storage solutions is very appropriate to things you don’t use every days like important documents and papers, old baby staff, or winter clothing that is out of use during summer times.

Storing your house belonging in rental self storage place is the optimal storage solution of big furniture or things like bicycle or ski equipment.


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