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Apartment storage – when, why and how much will it cost?

 When do we need apartment self-storage services, and how much will it cost us? All in the following article.

Apartment self-storage, or equipment self-storage, is a service we never think of until the moment we need it. If you are reading this article, it seems that you are in advanced stages toward storing your contents.

Whether this refers to the storing of your apartment contents or your office contents, there are some things you need to know:

There are dozens of companies in Israel that provide self-storage services, yet some of those are unlicensed.

  • Apartment storage

    Apartment storage

    Location does matter. The more you want your belongings to be more accessible and in the proximity of large cities, the greater will the monthly premium be.

  • There are standards and regulations for companies engaging in self-storage with respect to cleanliness, pest control, guarding, maintenance and the safety of your belongings. Make sure to store in places that take care of your belongings. Quality self-storage companies operate under such standards and regulations.

When and why do we need apartment storage?

Self-storage of Individual objects

Instead of living in a crowded apartment turning one of the spare rooms into a self-storage facility, renting a small self-storage unit to store individual objects is a very appropriate solution. This solution is also suitable for families that move into a smaller apartment. 

Long-term apartment storage

Apartment content self-storage is suitable for :

  • People who need a long-term solution, such as, for example, people who are relocating for several months or years.
  • People who received an inheritance which includes the contents of their relative’s apartment and need a place to store these contents .
  • People looking for a self-storage facility to regularly store several individual objects fit in this category

Short-term apartment storage

An efficient and convenient solution in cases where we wish to renovate the apartment and evacuate various objects from the apartment to make room for the renovations, or where we are in-between apartments and need a solution for a few weeks or months. 

How much do apartment self-storage services cost?

The self-storage price is determined as per two parameters: The size of the self-storage unit and the self-storage period. The larger the self-storage unit is, the lower is the price per cubic meter. The longer the self-storage period is, the more affordable the price is.

Of course, it is better to rent self-storage units of the exact size and for the exact time period you need it for in order not to pay for space that will not be using, thus saving costs.

The prices of most quality self-storage providers is around 35 NIS per cubic meter. Of course, depending on the self-storage period and the size of the self-storage unit, prices can go up or down.

Note that price does not always reflect quality. Therefore, it is recommended to come and see the place before storing your belongings.

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