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Are you changing offices? Self storage services can make the move easier, as well as save you money

self storage for officesIf you are planning to move to a new office, it is worthwhile considering self storage services in your planning that can help make the move comfortable and make acclimatizing in the new location easier. Professional self storage companies offer a range of self storage solutions; large self-storage units as well as small self-storage units for rent for short or longer periods, so that every business can find the most suitable solution for it.

Self Storage for an Office

Moving to a new office can be the result of a need for more space, or the need to cut expenses and find a smaller space. Another reason for moving is the expiration of a lease without any possibility of extending it, not necessarily a constraint relating to the state of the business. In each of the following scenarios, renting a self-storage unit can in many cases serve the business.

Moving to a larger office is the right measure if the business is expanding and there is a need for additional space for workstations, public reception positions, and so forth. On the other hand, renting a larger commercial property for storing inventory or equipment is not necessarily a wise move economically. The cost of renting commercial space and the municipal property tax costs are significant, and can constitute a heavy economic burden on the business. Usually, the cost of renting a self storage unit will be far less, and the use of storage services will therefore be more worthwhile for the business. Services such as archive storage will make it possible to store documents that do not have to be constantly available in a safe and well-maintained place, instead of in one of the office rooms, which can then be used for adding workstations that generate profit for the business.

It is clear from the above why moving to a smaller office can be an economically wise move if the business currently has too much space, or there is a need to cut expenses for other reasons. Rental self-storage units can be used for office storage needs, and for documents in a variety of fields of business, such as law firms, bookkeeping and finances, architecture, doctors, sales firms, etc.

As noted, even if the move is not being conducted for business expansion or cost-cutting purposes, but because a lease has expired, or because of a desire to move to a different area, self storage services can help during the transition period. Naturally, if there is a need to store all of the office’s contents until the move to the new office is accomplished, a relatively large warehouse will be necessary, because large items like furniture must be stored, in contrast to storing a number of items, files, and documents if the business wants to first move furniture and things required for continuity of the business’s activity, after which it is possible to put in order the things that were not essential in the first stage.

Self Storage – What to Check before Renting a Self Storage Unit

It is important to verify that the company is a professional self storage services company with a license to manage self storage units, and that its services therefore include insurance for the contents. It is recommended to visit the self storage facility in order to get an impression of the level of maintenance and security on the premises. In the end, the aim is to preserve your documents and equipment in the best way, both in protection against theft and in keeping them in proper repair.

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