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Have you rented a self-storage unit and need to get your stuff to it? For and against using a moving service

Self Storage - Green StorageThe use of a professional moving service can significantly reduce the stress of moving your equipment to a self-storage unit, particularly when you’re storing home contents, and not just a few crates. However, there are cases when you can do it yourself. To help you decide which is the best option for you, Green Storage, professional self-storage company, has summarized the advantages and disadvantages of using a professional moving service.

Advantages of professional moving services

  • Minimum physical effort and mental stress – carrying crates and furniture from the house to the truck, then unloading them at the rented self storage unit, certainly demands a big physical effort.  Moving services can save you this work and the energy needed.
  • Personnel and equipment – it’s not realistic to expect one man to move the contents of an apartment, but it’s not always easy to find family and friends who are willing to help.   A moving company is the solution.  Moreover, a professional company has all the equipment and tools necessary to move everything.
  • Experience – a professional team has the knowledge of the correct way to load and unload various items and to ensure they are moved safely.  Also, proper planning can save unnecessary journeys to the self storage facility, and therefore saves time and costs.

Disadvantages of professional moving services

  • Monetary investment – while renting a self-storage unit is relatively inexpensive, it is sometimes unavoidable, for example when moving home, you are facing a monthly expense, particularly if the move also involves buying new furniture.  In such cases people often think twice about hiring professional movers.  If you or a friend have a large vehicle and family and/or friends who are willing to help, you can certainly consider moving the items yourself, particularly if you are not talking of apartment storage.
  • Protecting property – as we said, on one hand, professional, experienced people can ensure the safety of your property.  Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the professional movers, who are not emotionally attached to your belongings, may cause damage through carelessness, rushing the work, etc.
  • Avoiding scams – Unfortunately there are cases where moving companies exploit the naivety or ignorance of their customers, quote a very high price, demand extra payments during the move, etc.  Therefore, it is important to compare companies, read the opinions of other customers and so on, to reduce your chances of “falling into the trap”.

Self-Storage Units for Rent – Green Storage

Green Storage, a professional self storage services company, offers a wide range of self-storage units in different sizes, for short or long periods.  It is important to note that Green Storage has a license to manage self storage and associated services, including contents insurance.  The self storage units are secured 24/7, and the Green Storage team will be happy to explain the range of solutions available and find the best solution for you, including small self storage units for rent, for up to 25 cardboard boxes, suitcases, bags and so on.  The units range from 10 to 40 cubic meters in size, and are located in an accessible area, to facilitate the process of unloading the equipment and arranging it in the unit.

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