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Renting a Self Storage Unit for Business Use

self storage unitIf you run a business that markets different products and the storage space in your facilities is insufficient, renting a self-storage unit for your business might be an excellent solution. This is because renting self-storage units is more cost-effective in comparison to renting industrial properties, which are priced much higher. Of course, there are a few things to consider before you connect with a self storage company: the quantity and type of products or equipment which you are interested in storing and the accessibility, cleanliness and security of the self-storage unit. The following article discusses these important issues.

Self-Storage Services by Quantity and Type of Items Stored

One of the most important things which you should do prior to renting a self-storage unit for your business is correctly evaluate the amount and type of goods or equipment which you intend to store. This is because different types of items require different storage conditions. For example, if you are interested in storing food products, you might require different levels of temperature or shade. Another issue of course is the amount of space required for storage. The service company’s offer is calculated according to the size of the self storage unit. Therefore, before you approach different companies you should evaluate what you need to keep at your business and what should go into storage.

Accessibility to the Storage Unit 

Another important aspect to examine is accessibility to the self-storage unit. Here you want to look at two important things: whether the storage unit is readily accessible and located close to your business so that it will be easy to go and take out any required items from the unit. This has an impact on time management in your business, since the closer the self storage unit is to your premises, the more time you save, and after all, time is money. The more often you’ll need to access the storage unit, the more important this issue becomes.

Another important consideration pertaining to accessibility is heavy equipment or goods that might require trucks or special equipment to place them in storage or remove them. Therefore, you should see whether the self-storage company offers self-storage units which can be accessed by trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Cleanliness and Sanitation in the Storage Facilities

The level of cleanliness and sanitation affect the environmental conditions in which the items are stored. Before choosing self-storage services, it is highly recommended to visit the location of the self-storage facilities and observe the conditions and maintenance, cleanliness and frequency of cleaning, pest control frequency and procedures, etc.

Another thing you will want to examine is the weatherproofing of the self-storage unit against conditions such as rain, strong sunlight, moisture, etc. as these can have an adverse effect on your stored items.

It is also recommended to examine the level of security which the service company offers. Ask whether there is a guard, security cameras, alarms, and about the company’s insurance policy relative to the stored items.

To summarize, it is clear that locating a good self-storage solution for your business is a necessity, and indeed you should consider renting a self-storage unit since, after all, it is more cost-effective. Before you are set to close the deal with a storage company, consider the quantity of the goods or equipment you are interested in storing, because the size of the storage unit affects the cost. Afterwards, examine the accessibility to the storage unit – how close it is located to your business and its accessibility for transport or heavy vehicles. You should also examine the level of cleanliness of the storage unit and inquire about the sanitation procedures and the maintenance and security services included in the rent. The more such services provided by the self-storage service company, the more it benefits your business’s activity and consequently its success.


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