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Self Storage of House Contents for the Elderly


If you or your loved ones have reached your golden years, you must have considered the possibility of changing your lifestyle, including your place of residence. At this age, many want to take a step back, stretch out, take a deep breath, and start enjoying life, which for many means taking advantage of the time afforded by retirement.

A large percentage of the elderly choose to live in assisted living facilities. The move is a significant decision bestowing many advantages, such as many leisure activities, getting to know new people, convenience and comfort. And as part of the move, many opt to use self storage services.

Storing your belonging for peace of mind

If you too are considering switching to a more tranquil way of life in an assisted living facility, you should think about using professional services and renting a self-storage unit. After all, if you acclimate to your new surroundings, you will have to find a good, reliable solution for storing all the furniture and other goods you own.

You will obviously not be able to move all your belongings into any assisted living situation; you will have to carefully select the objects you want to take with you and store what is left. So that your belongings are stored properly, you have to find a suitable answer.

Moving is never simple. That goes double for moving to an assisted living facility. Many elderly are still not sure what their future looks like, and want to experience assisted living initially for a trial period to make sure their new surroundings are to their liking, while retaining the option of moving back home if the experiment does not work out. For this too there is a solution: short-term storage. Self-storage units allow you to try assisted living for a trial period, knowing that your belongings are safely in storage.

Storing the contents of your house

There are many advantages to using self storage, which can be an ideal solution for both short and long-term needs. Short-term storage can be a worthwhile solution if you want to try assisted living for a defined period of time. If you decide to remain in your new home, it is always possible to extend the lease on the self storage unit. Furthermore, short-term house-contents storage is also useful for an interim period in which you may want to go through all items of furniture and other belonging to determine what to pass on to children and grandchildren, what to sell, what to donate and so on. If there are items you want to keep, it is always possible to select a smaller self storage unit, so that in case the volume of your goods decreases you can cut back on the size of the long-term space which translate to costs.

Long term storage is a good solution if you want to keep all your belongings and rent out your home unfurnished. This allows you to generate income from your home, while knowing your belongings are safe and sound from wear-and-tear by your tenants.



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