Pricelist for the Tel Aviv Branch

The Green Storage Company is proud to present the advanced storage facility, right here at the center of Tel Aviv (Puria 15 street). Our TLV branch offers many storage rooms for rent, with 5 different sizes for you to choose from. The storage rooms can serve for any purpose and time, and we welcome any type of client, from the private, business and institutions sectors.

types of storage rooms in the TLV branch + Pricelist

We have 5 different types of storage rooms, and the price is calculated by square meters. Here’s the price list for our branch:

  • S Size Storage space: 150x100x120 where you can store up to 40 small/medium boxes – 350 NIS per month
  • M Size Storage space: 200x140x200 where you can store up to 50-70 medium boxes – 750 NIS per month
  • L Size Storage space: 230x200x200 where you can store the contents of a small apartment, including a bed – 1,100 NIS per month
  • XL Size Storage space: 230x200x400 where you can store the contents of a 2 rooms apartment, or any other equipment equal at size – 2,200 NIS per month
Size Dimensions Price per month
S 150X100X120 cm ₪299 Summer Sale!
Medium1 200X140X200 cm ₪669 Summer Sale!
Medium2 100X200X210 cm ₪499 Summer Sale!
Medium3 135X200X210 cm ₪499 Summer Sale!
L 230X200X200 cm ₪999 Summer Sale!
XL 230X200X400 cm ₪1,300 Summer Sale!

Our storage solutions in Tel Aviv match the requirements and needs of any customer, and we offer many services such as storing apartment contents for short/long term while moving, home decoring or traveling. This is a great solution for diplomats, immigrants who look for a safe and secured storage solution until they’ll find a settlement, and many more.

Besides that, we offer high-quality storage solutions for offices that look to store their valuables while renovating, moving to a new space, storing archives, supplies, etc. The Tel Aviv branch offers personal storage spaces for professionals and businesses, and you can easily store tools, spare parts, amplification and illumination systems as well as DJ, production and events companies and more.

To schedule a consulting meeting please write us a message

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Great prices and flexible storage solutions

We guarantee that we’ll give you the best prices that’ll fit any budget, and we offer discounts for long term storage. Tip: Follow us on social media to find great deals and offers, and feel free to contact us with any matter – We’ll find flexible and creative solutions, suited for your needs.

Each of our customers gets a professional consultation that’ll help him to pick the most fitting storage room for him. We’d love to help you to pick the personal storage room to rent, set for the number of items you want to store. Our storage facility in Tel Aviv is secured 24/7 with patrolling professional officers, as well as the best security systems in the market such as real-time alerts to a retention center, closed-circuit cameras, as well as fire identification and extinguishment systems.

Each customer gets a brand-new lock and a personal key, free storage to his storage room (During opening hours) as well as logistic solutions such as transportation and lifting. 

The benefits of using the storage in the TLV branch

  • Central location in Florentin
  • High accessibility
  • A 24/7 protected facility
  • Great prices
  • A wide variety of storage rooms for you to choose from
  • The highest standards
  • Professional service
  • Discretion 

For further information and a price quote for a storage space In the TLV branch, contact us now by phone or Email

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