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Self Storage for Rent

Relocating or traveling abroad?
Looking for the optimal solution to store the contents of your apartment?

You’ve reached the right place. Green Storage provides professional self storage solutions for private clients. Our team is dedicated to finding the optimal solution to your needs by thinking outside of the box and utilizing our vast experience.

So Why Should You Use Green Storage Solutions for Your Stuff?

The answer is easy –

  • Easy and comfortable access – Our self storage units are located at Kiryat Anavim, a quiet village just 15 minutes from Jerusalem or Beit Shemesh and not more than 30 minutes from Tel Aviv. You will have full access to your valuables, which will be organized in a meticulous and accurate order to ensure their safe keeping.
  • Private storage for each customer – That’s right. Each customer receives a private self storage unit with a unique lock. You, and only you, have access to your unit, unless you authorize us to access as well.
  • Safety and security – You can maintain peace of mind, as your storage unit is being secured and maintained. Our constant services include:
    Anti-Theft Security: – Professional guards man the storage area 24 hours, 365 days a year. But that’s not all – cameras, volume detectors, and alarm systems are all installed to maintain maximum security possible.
    Damages Protection: – When constructing the self storage units, we kept the important things in mind – hermetic and isolated construction. Our units are built to last and to protect their content against everything, from moist and wet to damp or hot weather. The storage units are built using green materials to ensure optimal storage conditions. disinfestation is undertaken regularly throughout the area to ensure protection from vermin and pests. And last, but not least, while stored with us, your valuables are insured from damages.
  • A Variety of Storage Units– We offer self storage units in varying sizes, from units suitable to single items to units suitable to entire apartments or houses. We always strive to find the optimal solution to your needs. Therefore, our professional team will gladly assist you in evaluating the right self storage unit for your requirements while taking under consideration the important aspects of driving costs down.
  • Short Term and Long Term Storage– Each storage period has its own requirements. Sometimes when relocating or moving to a new apartment, things get delayed. Our storage solutions not only provide you with the perfect answer to your needs, but also leaves room for the unexpected. You can always extend the period of the storage, and our team is always here to find the best solutions to any challenge you may encounter.
  • Professionalism – Our team is experienced in finding the optimal solution for your specific needs. It is estimated that 80% of the self storage units in Israel operate with no license and therefore no insurance. Green Storage makes sure to have a valid license for operating and managing self storage units and a proper insurance.
  • Quality of Service – We place our customers at the center of everything we do. For us, professionalism requires personal care and fast and responsible answers. We are here to provide you with the best self storage solutions for your needs.

To consult with our professional staff at Green Storage please contact us

To consult with our professional staff at Green Storage please contact us


Storing may be required for weeks, months or even years – depending on your particular situation. Short term storage usually occurs when a family moves to a new place and must first clear its old apartment. Another common situation is moving into a house under construction. Storing valuables during times such as these can be a convenient temporary solution, and may even be more cost effective than other alternatives.

Some customers require a long term storage solution, for example when relocating abroad for an extended period of time or when storing valuables which are not in daily use. This may be the result of moving into a smaller house, such as from a house and garden to an apartment or to a new house which does not consist of a basement or sufficient storage place. A self storage unit can be a great solution to store valuables while ensuring they are safe, secure and always accessible

Green Storage provides different self storage solutions optimized to your needs and with an emphasis on your benefit. Our dedicated staff will gladly assist you in considering all relevant aspects of storage and packing and in ensuring your valuables are safe and secure for either a short or long period of storing.

To schedule a consulting meeting please write us a message