Apartment storage Tips

Apartment Content Storage Tips

Our team, at Green Storage, has gathered a list of important tips that can greatly assist you in the packing and storing your apartment’s contents in the self storage shipping container. For further solutions, please contact our office and our team will gladly advise you.


  • First pack the items you use the least and separate items you’ll need in the near future from those you won’t.
  • In order to prevent dust gathering on furniture and items, consider wrapping your valuables. It is recommended not to use nylon bags, which can tear or gather Humidity in the long term. We recommend using carton boxes, preferablyof high quality in order to prevent wearing, especially for long term storage.
  • Fragile items should be packed in newspaper and bubble wrapping. Filling the carton box up can assist in preventing breakage, but it is not recommended to overload the box or it won’t be easy to lift. We also recommend using folded newspaper between items, so they won’t move and bump into each other during transport.
  • It is strongly recommended to write the contents on various sides of the box, so it will be easily recognizable without opening. In case of fragile materials, write ‘FRAGILE’ in bold on the box.
  • Make sure the boxes are properly sealed, so they won’t accidently open during transport or the self storage period.
  • We recommend using a cloth covering when hanging clothes, which will help ensure they don’t lose their shape or become covered with dust during storage.

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  • Electric Appliances – Some electric appliances must be disconnected from electricity and water several days before transport and storage. For example, refrigerators should be cleaned and freezers should be left open to defreeze until dry. In addition, the refrigerator’s doors should be left open so mold doesn’t grow inside during storage. Other electrical appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers and mini bars, should be cleaned and dried. It is recommended to store every electrical appliance in a suitable carton box.
  • Wood Furniture – Since wooden furniture is very sensitive to temperature, it is recommended to use a dedicated spray that preserves the wood during the storage period. Also, wooden furniture should be gently wrapped in sheets of carton but never in nylon, since wood breaths and can swell. Closets, libraries and large furniture should be disassembled if possible to save space in a storing room. Small parts and screws should be kept in a bag attached to one of the unit’s parts –making it much easier to reassemble the unit at a later period.
  • Metal Equipment – It is strongly recommended to oil these tools in order to prevent rust during the storage period.
  • Sofas and Mattresses – We recommend covering sofas and mattresses with a clean sheet or dedicated covering. This will protect them and ensure they don’t absorb dust.


When organizing your apartment’s content in the self storage unit, it is highly recommended to first distinguish between items you might need in the near future and those you won’t. An efficient organization means better usage of storage space. Green Storage’s customers enjoy lower self storage costs since our team specializes in accurately evaluating your needs and providing you with the optimal self storage solution. Enclosed are a few tips to assist you in organizing your storage unit:


  • In order to save room in the self storage unit and to maintain order, it is recommended to purchase same-sized carton boxes.
  • The full boxes should always be placed at the bottom of the pile in the self storage unit, and the less full boxes should be placed on top. This will prevent boxes from falling and potential damages to your contents.
  • Make sure that the least required items are placed at the inner and farthest part of the self storage unit, and the most required items, which you may need in the near future are placed at its front, making them more accessible.
  • Sofas, mattresses and expensive furniture should be placed at the end of the self storage unit, with no other items placed on top of them.

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