Need to clear some space at your business premises? Feeling as if you are drowning in a sea of paper?

Luckily there’s a solution for this situation, and it is far simpler than you might have expected. Archive storage can clear great space at your business premises, and renting your own self storage unit, in which you can store papers, documents and files which are not in daily use, may very well be the perfect answer. Green Storage specializes in self storage solutions and has a wide array of archive storage solutions as well.

There are many advantages to using the archive storage solutions of Green Storage:

  • Save on Business Costs– Considering expenses on storage rooms, our self storage units are far more cost effective than any other similar office space. In fact, in the long term, using our self storage units and taking a smaller office can be a very financially sound choice.
  • Easy and Unlimited Access– Always at your service, we are located about 15 minutes from Jerusalem or Beit Shemesh and not more than 30 minutes from Tel Aviv. Your valuables are safe, secure and accessible at all times.
  • Privacy– That’s accurate. The self storage units have a unique lock, which only you have access to.
  • Safety and security – Your valuables are always watched and secure. Your peace of mind is guaranteed by:
    • Anti-Theft Security –Professional guards man the storage area 24 hours, 365 days a year. But that’s not all – cameras, volume detectors, and an alarm system are all installed to ensure and maintain maximal security level.
    • Damages Protection – When constructing the storage units we kept the important things in mind, and one of the more prominent guidelines was hermetic and isolated construction. Our units are built to last and to protect their content against everything from humidity and wetness to hot weather. The self storage units are built using green materials to ensure optimal storage conditions. We disinfest the area regularly to ensure protection from vermin and pests. And last, but not least, while stored with us, your valuables are insured from damages.
    • Professionalism – Our team is well experienced in finding the optimal solution for your specific needs. It is estimated that 80% of self storage units in Israel are operated lacking business permits and licenses, leading to no insurance availability. Green Storage has all the relevant business permits and licenses for operating and managing self storage units.
    • Quality of Service – We place the customer at the center of everything we do. For us, professionalism requires personal care and quick and responsible answers. We are here to provide you with the optimal storage solution for your needs.

You are more than welcome to visit our self storage facilities. As part of our service we will gladly show you the various options suitable for your needs. Storage is an art, and we are the masters.

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