We, Green Storage Israel, provide long term self storage solutions for our customers. Our solutions are suitable to different needs and are always tailored to your specific needs.


  • Traveling Abroad – You may travel broad for a long term period and long term storage solutions may be required, such as relocation, a long vacation, etc.
  • Lacking storage space – You may have plenty of valuables to store but for different reasons you cannot store them in your house, such as moving into a smaller house – from a house and garden to an apartment or to a new house which does not consist of a basement or sufficient storage place – or simply since you decided to sort out your house contents and clear items which are not in frequent use. A self storage unit or room might be the optimal solution for your needs.
  • Business and Professional Content Storage – Businesses often require storage room, particularly when the business space is not large enough or not intended for storage. In such cases, it is possible, and often times much more cost effective, to rent a self storage space at a different location.

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Green Storage provides its customers not only with self storage solutions but also with advanced services and security. There are three main reasons why using our long term self-storage services makes sense:

  • Close and accessable  – Green Storage is located about 15 minutes from Jerusalem or Beit Shemesh and not more than 30 minutes from Tel Aviv.
  • Safe and Secure – Each of our self storage units is secured and locked with a unique key, accessible only to you and, if authorized by you, to our staff. Our self storage units are constructed of proper materials using green technology, well maintained and are equipped with up to date sensors and security measures. With us you will always have peace of mind. We are also unique in having all relevant business permits, allowing us to insure our premises.
  • Save on Costs – Sounds unreal? But it’s the truth. Our self storage unit rent is far more affordable than any other similar residence space. In fact, in the long term, using our self storage units and taking a smaller apartment or office can be a very cost effective alternative. Traveling abroad? Renting a storage unit and securing your valuables with us might even earn you an extra income.


You are more than welcome to visit and appreciate our self storage solutions. As part of our service, we will gladly show you the various options suitable for your needs. Costs vary depending on type and period of storage, and our dedicated staff will assist you in evaluating the optimal solution for your needs.
Self storage is an art, and we are the masters. For any question or query, feel free to contact our professional team. Amongst our services you might find the answer to your questions, including self storage solutions, lifting and transporting and even packing services.


Flying abroad? Relocating for an extended period? Whether it is work related, vacation, or visiting family, storing your valuables for a longer term can provide you both with peace of mind and with a cost effective solution. As our storage solutions are far more cost effective than any residential area, the savings add up quickly when you take a self storage unit.

In addition, our self storage units are always protected with isolation from temperature, wetness and humidity damages, and are constantly maintained against rodents and pests. Furthermore, a professional security team ensures the safety and security of your valuables throughout the year. We are dedicated to providing you with peace of mind for as long as your valuables are stored with us.


As a business owner, you realize that the perfect storage solution is not necessarily within the office space. Sometimes you must store equipment and heavy tools that your current business space is not suitable to store. Renting a self storage unit is often a far more cost effective alternatoove than renting a larger office space. Considering the costs of offices, there’s no question – our solutions makes far more sense to your business.

Our self storage units are suitable for office supply, different types of goods, heavy equipment, tools, and more. We tailor our services to the needs of the specific business, with a dedicated storage unit and with ease of access to trucks and pick ups. As long as you use our services, you will always have free and unlimited access to add or remove items in storage and a team of experts to consult with at your will.


Many apartments and houses do not have sufficient storage spaces. families tend to gather furniture and additional items over the years. It is only natural that families would like to safe keep its valuables: for the kids as they grow up, for sentimental value, or simply because they are expensive. In such cases, it may make more sense to consider renting a self storage space.

By taking a storage space you can save on costs, since our storage solutions are far more cost effective than any other residential space, and you can also find a convenient long term solution for your valuables. Our self storage units are always safe and secure and offer easy and unlimited access along with insurance policies.


To schedule a consulting meeting please write us a message

To consult with our professional staff at Green Storage please contact us