Rent Shipping Containers

Looking for a temporary storage solution? Need an accessible self storage unit for your apartment content or business equipment? Renting a container might be the ideal solution for your needs. There are many advantages to using shipping containers as self storage units, along with their affordability, including:
  • Accessibility – Green Storage is located in a very accessible location, 5 minutes from Jerusalem.
  • Heavy and Business Equipment – A container is a great solution when it comes to a robust and accessible storage room. Heavy and business equipment, such as DJ’s sound equipment, lighting, stages, and even field cars or collectible vehicles can be easily placed within the container.
  • High Maintenance of the Equipment in the Container – Stored items in shipping containers require a lower level of maintenance, even lower than in your apartment or office. The optimal conditions of storing – isolated and hermetic storage, comfortable temperatures throughout the year, maintenance of the container and disinfestation throughout the area against vermin and pests, ensure that you will have fewer worries when you store your valuables in our shipping containers than when you see your valuables on a daily basis.
  • Safety and security – Your valuables are always watched and secure. Your peace of mind is guaranteed by:
    • Anti-Theft Security: Professional guards man the storage area 24 hours, 365 days a year. But that’s not all – cameras, volume detectors, and an alarm system are all installed to ensure and maintain maximal security level.
    • Damages Protection: When constructing the self storage units we kept the important things in mind, and one of the more prominent guidelines was hermetic and isolated construction. Our units are built to last and to protect their content against everything from humidity and wetness to hot weather. The self storage units are built using green materials to ensure optimal storage conditions. We disinfest the area regularly to ensure protection from vermin and pests. And last, but not least, while stored with us, your valuables are insured from damages.
  • Saving on Costs – In order to ensure that you receive the optimal solution for your needs, our shipping containers vary in size, so you can find your perfectly sized and affordable container. You can, of course, always extend the period of storage if necessary.

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