Are you remodeling? Looking to move apartments but the contract is taking his time? Your contract has ended and you still have a few months until you can move in to your new apartment? You need short term storage! Short term storage is the ultimate solution for those looking for rented temporary self storage space for a period of a few weeks until half a year. Remodeling and/or moving house can be stressful, therefore it is better to be prepared in advance and to look for a self storage facility for your apartment furnishings and free your time to manage the important details. We at Green Storage are experts in short term storage solutions! We personalize our self storage units to each customer’s needs. Each customer receives a private storage unit to which only he has access.


  • Renovating and moving might damage your furnishings, maybe irreversibly, due to the dust, paint or the actual moving. Storing your items during the house repairs and renovations will help maintain your valuables long-term and will guarantee you peace of mind during potentially stressful times like moving and renovating.

    Storing may be required for weeks, months or even years – depending on your particular situation. Short term storage usually occurs when a family moves to a new place and must first clear its old apartment. Another common situation is moving into a house under construction. Storing valuables during times such as these can be a convenient temporary solution, and may even be more cost effective than other alternatives.

    Some customers require a long term storage solution, for example when relocating abroad for an extended period of time or when storing valuables which are not in daily use. This may be the result of moving into a smaller house, such as from a house and garden to an apartment or to a new house which does not consist of a basement or sufficient storage place. A self storage unit can be a great solution to store valuables while ensuring they are safe, secure and always accessible

    Green Storage provides various self storage solutions optimized to your needs and with an emphasis on your benefit. Our dedicated staff will gladly assist you in considering all relevant aspects of storage and packing and in ensuring your valuables are safe and secure for either a short or long period of storing.

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  • The Prices of Short Term Storage are affected by two things:

    1.  Self storage unit size – the price per meter decreases as the size of the unit increases.
    2.  Length of time – the price per meter decreases as the length of storage time increases.
      Prices for a small storage unit start from 400NIS/month to around 1,500NIS/month for a much large storage unit.

    To guarantee peace of mind to our customers we insist on the highest standards of storage:

    1. Relevant Business License: Guaranteeing the warehouse will remain open throughout the entire length of your storage needs.
    2.  Contents Insurance: All of our facilities are under insurance policies which automatically apply to your valuables, up to 10,000NIS.
    3. Pest Control & Warehouse Maintenance: We use ISS services regularly to ensure a clean sterile environment, keeping your items safe.
    4. Fire Alarm System: Constantly active and checked.
    5. Security System: All self storage units are monitored by an advanced security system that includes a security patrol center, using high-grade surveillance cameras and alarms.

To schedule a consulting meeting please write us a message

To consult with our professional staff at Green Storage please contact us